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Designer Profile

DEBORAH MCKENDRICK evolved as a FASHION designer in Western Australia the 1980’s with the success of the iconic fashion label ‘Eldorado’ which she co-founded, (1986-1996). Coming from a Graphic Design background she was heavily influenced by Pop Culture and the idea of the Global Village. Deborah was fascinated by the application of image on fabric and decoration of the human body, which still remains a major influence in her work today.

Seeking further horizons for her personal development, Deborah launched into a career as a freelance designer with the main focus on Costume Design and Theatre Art. During this period she worked on numerous productions with choreographer Chrissie Parrott. Culminating in the success of ‘Coppelia’ for the Western Australian Ballet Co., for which Deborah was nominated for Best Costume Designer in the inaugural Helpmann Awards. Other commissions include the Festival of Perth (PIAF), Sydney Festival of Dreaming, Indigenous Festivals and many other local productions and independent artists.

Deborah continued her involvement in the fashion industry by designing couture fashion collections and jewellery, which sold to a select group of private clientele. She also developed her interest in drawing and painting whilst studying Visual Arts at Edith Cowan University where she received High Distinctions. This period re-ignited her passion for all things visual and artistic and the need for the realization of them within her own art form.

2007 saw her return to her first passion and love, the Fashion Industry with the launch of her label Velvet Sushi, Luxury Loungewear, in which she celebrates the landscape of female form and the simplicity of line.

The continued evolution of this label ensures that Deborah has an ongoing creative canvas for her designs and creative flair, whilst her fashion salon becomes the stage by which to share them. 

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