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Classic Collection


The Classic collection is a complete range of sophisticated, yet practical garments designed to integrate into every woman’s wardrobe. 

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Designed and manufactured in WA, the Classic Collection is made from luxurious stretch fabric comprising of viscose/elastane.
Viscose is cellulose fibre similar to cotton, which allows the fabric to breathe; the elastane creates the beautiful drape yet keeps stability in the form.

Necklines and proportions are carefully considered, so as to compliment the body and flatter the female silhouette.
Each piece layers together to make a complete outfit or fits like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle into your own wardrobe.
Comfortable, uncrushable, inscrutably elegant.

You can wear it anywhere, anytime, any season. A must for every global traveller.

Available in classic black and a simple colour palette. Affordable price range $75-$220

Available directly from our Fremantle Boutique or made to order


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