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Velvet sushi is a fashion label that is dedicated to the comfort and styling of real women.

We mix luxury with practicality. Look good…. Feel good.

Our house policy is all about service, quality and availability.

Hello and welcome to the Velvet Sushi Website.

I am Deborah Mckendrick, designer and creator of the Velvet Sushi concept which was established in 2007 in Fremantle, Western Australia.

I have been a Designer and business woman since the early 1980’s where I have gained my experience and reputation working within the Fashion + Costume industries in Perth.

During this period I conducted extensive research on the true fashion needs of ‘real’ women of the 21st Century.

From this research I have developed a collection of women’s wear that addresses those very basic requirements with the added flare of comfort and sophistication.

Our first collection, although seemingly small and simple has a multitude of combinations that will satisfy even the most cynical of Fashionistas.

It passes the ’crush’ test, the ‘pick me up off the floor’ test, the last minute ‘chuck me in the dryer’ test and best of all...the test of ‘time’.

I am dedicated to the ongoing extension of the Velvet Sushi concept based on continued research and development. Your opinion is always valued.

From all of us at Velvet Sushi, we look forward to sharing this evolution with you.

Homage to the female form in all her glorious geometry.

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