Luxury Loungewear and Travel Clothing
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After 13 years of trading in the West End of Fremantle, Velvet Sushi is lifting her skirts for a final 'HooRaa".

We wave a fond farewell but rub our hands in glee as we view a new horizon.

We are taking our little jewel and putting her in a new crown, not so far away..but with a few adjustments.

Still offering all the deliciousness as we always have, but with the focus on made to order, bespoke garments and collections. By appointment only.

Join me in the new Velvet Sushi Fashion Studio, nestled in the tiny suburb of Samson, my private home. 

My studio is 15 mins from central Fremantle and 5 mins from Murdoch train station, straight up South Street. Plenty of parking and of course your gentlemen and friends are always welcome. 

Light refreshments supplied on arrival.

So it's business as usual....! 

Come and join me for some fun and on-going fabulousness xxxx


FIRE SALE   next Saturday 10-3pm 5th October.

Get the gossip and share a glass of champs with me.

MOVING DATE Friday 11th October

Velvet Sushi is a fashion label that is dedicated to the comfort and styling of real women.

The Velvet Sushi collections are derived from a rich formula inspired by the voluptuous beauties of the 1950’s, the timeless fashion chic of Vogue and the classic Little Black Dress.

Luxury Loungewear and Travel Clothing is a title that covers a wide variety of versatile clothing that women desire and need in this fast paced modern world.

One small collection will take you around the world and back again whilst dressing you in absolute comfort, style and sophistication.

You can wear it any where, any time, any season. A must for every global traveller.

Trans-seasonal     Trans-global     Trans-cool

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